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Frankfurt for a sweet tooth #4 Small market Hall

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Traditional market flair mixed with international specialities offered by 60 Dealers – It offers the Frankfurt Small market Hall.

There's been 1954 regional fruit- greengrocers, Bakeries, Fish stands, Spice merchants and providers of different goods from around the world. The place also lovingly called "Belly Frankfurt". Ultimately, here also the internationality of Frankfurt is reflected.

Eingang Kleinmarkthalle FrankfurtThe entrance is easy to overlook, It is located opposite the Frankfurt city library.
For lunch, here is the traditional Green Sauce, quasi eating national food of Frankfurter. Even a Festival was dedicated to her: that Green Sauce Festival. Ask rather what it is, in the recipe, the Frankfurt are not so agreed. Only at the fact the it 7 Herbs must be ;)
The national food is of course also a flüssies counterpart: the can. There are especially the cider Festival. All year round you can also tours of the quaint tram called Ebbelwei-express company.
I'm not the fan of Apple wine, but the subsequent newspaper article (General newspaper, Rhine-Main Press, 17.9.13) who is perhaps still hope, that change!

Zeitungsartikel: Rhein-Main-Presse, 17.9.13

Click to enlarge!

Let's get back to the actual scene: who were once an overview over the, as the name suggests, not too small market hall to give, can upstairs first and only enjoy a glass of wine and watch the hustle and bustle.

Kleinmarkthalle Kaffee Frankfurt
Should be slightly too early for wine, can you the coffee roasters „caffebar“ drink his coffee as a genuine Frankfurter standing.

Kleinmarkthalle Die Praline Frankfurt

Or at „The Praline“ treat yourself to a few Belgian chocolates.

According to the magazine ' living at home' the small market hall is one of the ten most beautiful weekly markets in German 2013.


Hare lane 7

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 8-18 o'clock
Saturday: 8-16 Watch

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