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Frankfurt for a sweet tooth #3 Zeil

Banner Frankfurt für Naschkatzen

It is located left besides the MyZeil Zeilgalerie. By escalator, it is now for the first time to the top. Then before the Kayra lounge right the stairs up to the terrace of Astor film lounge, There the last steps to the Observation deck take. Only drawback: Balloon ban ;)

ZeilGalerie Frankfurt

If you want even higher, can also Main tower. Via express lift leads to the 55. and 56. Floor. Here are equal to two viewing platforms. The entrance fee is 5 €.


New Mainzer str. 52-58

Opening hours:
In the summer
Sunday – Thursday: 10- 21 Watch
Friday – Saturday: 10-23 Watch

In the winter
Sunday – Thursday: 10 – 19 Watch
Friday – Saturday: by 10 – 21 Watch

A tourist attraction of a different kind is located in the level 4 the Zeilgalerie: „Minds on mini golf“. This is an indoor mini golf course with 9 Holes. The cars were designed by various artists. Cost: 5 €

Zeil 112-114

Opening hours:
Monday - Wednesday: 10 – 20 Watch
Thursday - Saturday: 10 – 22 Watch
Sunday: 13 – 20 Watch

MyZeil Dulce Chocolate & Ice Cream Frankfurt

On the ground floor of the shopping center MyZeil (right next to the Zeilgalerie) located „Dulce chocolate & Ice cream„, a Frankfurt-based company 2007 founded in.
They have chocolate on sale, Chocolates, Ice cream, Cake, cold & hot drinks – times classic, sometimes exotic. Without preservatives, Color- and artificial additives. In Frankfurt alone there are 6 Locations. In the meantime you can find Dulce chocolate & Ice cream in many other cities, usually paired with coffee fellows.

Zeil 106

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9 – 22 Watch
Sunday: 12 – 22 Watch

MyZeil Rolltreppe Frankfurt

Small highlight in MyZeil: the longest free-floating escalator in Europe!

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