Back book review: Cupcake decoration lab

Cupcake decoration lab : 52 Recipes and inspiring decorations for the adventurous sugar Baker“ by the pastry chef Bridget Thibeault, is a book about the decorating cupcakes.

The book is very colourfully decorated. It includes many photos, Since each decoration measures Step-by step is been photographically recorded.

The 144 Pages are in 10 Chapter held: Basics of sugar casting, Sugared fruits & Flowers, Fondant, Royal icing, Flowers & Garden, Funny themes, Babies & Children, Weddings, Cupcakes with a twist and presentation.

I think the content is well designed, the texts are relatively short, What also appeals to me. The many photos immensely contribute to the understanding.
You immediately get pleasure, the creative ideas to make. And that's it but what makes a book, It must arouse the passion of the back!

My next girl evening is at least Schonmal with Mojito cupcakes and cupcake fondue ;)


This book was provided Edition Fischer me by the Publisher, Thank you so much.

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