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[Recipe] Cola-muffins

After I was so thrilled by my Fanta Gugelhupf, I wanted to try out necessarily muffins with Coke.
There's also more recently a topping / frosting Dr. Oetker, which I also wanted to test. The cream tastes nice relaxingly and not too chocolatey.




for 16 Muffins
175 g wheat flour
2 EL real cocoa
3 TSP baking soda, deleted
225 g sugar
3 Eggs
175 g butter
150 ml Cola

for the decoration
1 Pack Dr. Oetker pastry cream chocolate
Cola bottles


175g wheat flour, 2 Tablespoons real cocoa and 3 mix level teaspoons baking powder.
225g sugar, 3 Eggs, 175g one by one add butter and mix well.
150 last stir ml Cola.
Fill in the Muffinsförmchen.
At 180 ° C ca. 20 Bake for minutes.

1 Pack Dr. Oetker chocolate pastry cream prepare according to package directions.
Only cream must be added to the powder.
Give topping on the cooled muffins. Garnish with Coke bottle.

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