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[Recipe] Chocolate mousse for Chocaholics (à la Khoo)

The other day I saw a broadcast in which Rachel Khoo was cooking in her tiny kitchen on RTL living. The show is called "The Little Paris kitchen": Cooking with Rachel Khoo". When I get turned on it just was concerned"Cheese and potato nest"muffin molds to produce. They looked already times very promising. But then came the best, for a sweet tooth like me: „Chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs“! A slightly more elaborate recipe, the taste but the madness.
The video is here!
And so the recipe could try it right away and not ever this must translate (that was my mistake at the first try, which meant that I forgot the whipped cream to use), I took over times:

Ingredients (for 4 People)
... for the Pastry cream:
3 Egg yolk
50 g of powdered sugar
20 g Cornflour
250 ml whole milk
1 TL, heaped cocoa, real

... for the Chocolate meringue:
3 Protein
50 g icing sugar
A few drops of lemon juice
1 Pinch of salt
150 g dark chocolate
200 ml whipped cream


Zubereitung der Patisserie-Crème

Prepare the pastry cream

…the Pastry cream:
1. Egg yolk + Sugar and beat, until's thick one, creamy mass results, then add the corn starch.
2. In a pot with the cocoa powder briefly bring to a boil the milk.
3. Enter the milk mix, stirring slowly to the egg yolk-sugar cream.
4. In a clean saucepan, heat the mixture over medium heat, and while constantly stirring. Watch, that nothing is burning!
5. The cream will thicken. If the first cooking bubbles can be seen,
take the pot off the stove.
6. In a shallow Bowl, with
Cling film cover and for
at least one hour in the
Make fridge


…the meringue:
1. Half of the protein, Sugar, Mix the lemon juice and salt.
2. Add the rest of the protein. Whip the mass.

3. Heat the chocolate in a Bain-Marie.
4. Whip cream (until she is so stiff, that it will not fall out from the vessel turned upside)

Mousse au Chocolat
…the final mousses:
1. Should be to find lumps in the Patisserie cream, remove this, before the cream to the melted chocolate is given.
2. 1/3 of the chocolate Patisserie cream mix to the meringue and stir.
3. Stir in the cream and the rest.

…and ready, this is chocolate mousse for Chocaholics!


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