Bloggeburtstag #1

Muffins & more will 1 Year old!

Geburtstag 1

I can't even believe it. And yet resonates as a little pride.
I bake regularly for a year and put the kitchen on the head while.
Whole thing 42 Recipes (If I've miscounted me not) are published. Baked I have much more. A lot, much more! Maybe I should start, to write a Fitnessblog, so not over take the sweet tooth pounds ;-)

On the occasion of the anniversary of his birth, there are two birthday recipes:
Mini birthday cakes cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella-topping

And here again the highlights of the past Blogjahres:

Blogjahr Muffins & mehr: 2012-13

Who is also for the „unsightly“ Interested sides of baking, can in the post „Nobody's perfect / failed“ determine,
that in my not always so everything as it should.
The best example of: on the occasion of the Bloggeburtstages there should be actually rose cupcakes…
More on this: here.


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