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Basics: How to dry raspberries?

Ever dried tomatoes? I applied for the raspberries and it dried so this principle.
Since no one could answer the question, If you can dry raspberries, I found out in the self test. The result: Yes, You can. You need just a little patience.

You need:

Raspberries (fresh or TK [Tiefgehen chilled raspberry before something let thaw. If they are not completely thawed, Let better to shred.])
Baking paper

Himbeeren trocknen

How it works:

Chop the raspberries, at least in quarters. The smaller the pieces of, the better.
Then spread on a baking paper.
At 50 ° C at least 6 Hours in the oven bake. [I have the raspberry 4 Hours in the oven and then overnight at room temperature dry – worked also.]
They are dry enough, If no red residue on fingers, When you touch them (and press on it).
You can scratch the dried piece of raspberry with a butter knife from the parchment paper.

Leave a small cereal Bowl at the end of. 20 g raspberries out.


Why all the effort at all? You see this next week here at cupcakes & more.

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  • Reply Salmu

    Halli Hello! wanted to ask what the gegetrockneten raspberries to taste. Whether the taste more intense or not is rather or something else…
    Love greetings

    11. August 2016 at 20:05
    • Reply Linda

      Hi Salmu,
      My feeling after, some more taste the dried raspberries raspberry. It bakes z.B. a normal raspberry cake, mainly sour taste the raspberry. It dries you, then the raspberry taste raspberry notes ;) The tart taste is not so pushy. Do you understand, I would say that? :D
      Love greetings

      12. August 2016 at 17:09
      • Reply Salmu

        Hello hello, Thank you for your answer :)
        Yes, I understand, What do you mean :D and this sounds great! Wanted dry namely for Granola with white chocolate, was however concerned about the result. Then can't yes go :)

        23. September 2016 at 03:25