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[Recipe] Banana cookies

Experiment of the day: Cookies from only 3 Ingredients.
The Internet claims two would be enough already – namely banana and oatmeal.
In fact, the also is edible, the whole thing tastes but yet again better with chocolate!

Bananencookie Zutatenübersicht


for 9 Mini-cookies:

1 ripe banana
50 g delicate oatmeal
Unlimited Schokotropfen



Give banana and oatmeal in a bowl.
Mash the banana with a fork and mix it with the Oatmeal, until a sticky mass is formed.
Just stir in the Schokotropfen.

Spread with the help of a teaspoon on baking paper.

At 180° C for 15 min. Bake.
Note: After 15 min. incurred by soft cookies, they would you like rather little bite strength they need to be baked longer.

Conclusion: Tasty, goes fast, but is really only for bananas fans! (P.S. Warm they taste best)


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