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[Recipe] Bear bun (Bread-bears)

On one (probably) Japanese page I have this cute „Bread bears“ discovered.
Since I found this no prescription, I improvised something and trying to bake the bear rolls from a dough of water alarm.

This has worked amazingly well. The only Downer: There are definitely better tasting bread.

Zutaten für Bread BearsIngredients

500 g wheat flour (Type 550)
30 g yeast
1 TSP sugar
240 ml water
1 TL salt
Dark sugar pen


Zubereitung Bären-Brötchen500put flour in a bowl and press into a hollow g. There 30 g of crumbled yeast with 1 Give TL sugar and some lukewarm water (as in picture Nr. 1).

Cover to & 10 Let it rest for minutes!

1 TL salt and 240ml of warm water for about 10 min. knead.
Scatter the bowl with flour. Shape the dough into a ball (see figure Nr. 2).

Cover to & 2 Let go an hour!

Knead the dough briefly. Then shape into balls: based on a large ball with two small beads.
The two small balls on the big push. If it does not stick, can you help yourself with water.
Would you like to, leaving the bread in the height, so you can put them in greased ovenproof bowls.

Cover to & 1 Let go an hour!

In the preheated oven at 220° C for 15 – 25 min. Bake.
Spread salt water a few times during the baking process.

Let the buns cool and draw eyes and nose with dark sugar pen if necessary.

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