Baking course

Beginning of December until the end of January I managed a week a back course based on their own initiative. This was part of the offer of the Astas of University. For me, it was a very nice experience, other Backbegeisterte to meet and to be creative together with them.
In the following I will grant you a small insight into baking course.BackkursUni
Spontaneously started – I had just 4 Day time, to make a poster, It should be hung in the University buildings. Luckily, I had a creative friend, that has helped me (Thanks again, dear friend!). Also a concept and first had to consider the first recipes. Backkurs

Before Christmas, the selection of recipe was relatively simple. Since we had two schools here I wanted to, In addition to creative Christmas cookies use traditional Christmas recipes, convey to the German baking culture. Each week I have at least a, most of the time but two recipes prepared. I already bought the ingredients. I then dragged them and the required Baking utensils in two packed bags on Wednesday evenings always in the school kitchen.ChristbaumkekseZubereitung

That so much can still go wrong, I learned during the course of back on the hard way – so we stood for example 1 1/2 Hours in the dark, because previously, the mixer was gone up in smoke, and so the fuse is blown out. That was also the day, where I learned, that kitchen i.d.R. 3 Have circuit races (one for the light, one for the oven and the fridge). Deathbychocolatecookies

It was a valuable experience. Especially fun made me, If the participants through my manual own, creative ideas developed.

As a participant so beautifully said: „It was not always good, but always delicious!“

I can only add the: It was never boring! ;)



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