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otherwise bake: Healthy alternatives to white flour and white sugar the authors Christine Egger and Ulli Garba, is a book about healthier baking.

On 130 Pages are 5 Chapters:
1. Introduction
2. Delicious and seductive: Cakes and Tartes3. For in between: Strudel and cake
4. From pan and oven: warm desserts
5. For contemplative hours: Desserts and Christmas baking


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The book shows, that fully and healthier bake is by no means „oldschool“ is, but can look quite good.
It is mainly about, that is baked without conventional industrial sugar and white flour. That's why taking on older or. other cereals- and thus the varieties of flour back.
More appealing photos are what I am missing a bit. Recipes with photos appeal to much more people, as a full-sounding recipe title.
Also it is difficult given to get ingredients to the, since they are needed in the health food store. „Anders“ baking has also its price.
Particularly well managed, I find the introduction, that is really very informative and interesting.
In times of „Clean eating“ has such a book on the market been really attached.

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P.S. Baked I have so far (reasons of time) It still nothing. But I still do it! You can learn more about it then ;-)


This book was provided me from a cooperation partner, Thank you so much!


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