Cheek new releases 2016 #2

The following is a collection of the most interesting back book new releases and books, have to do with JAWS theme and in the between May and August this year published or. still appear to be.

The latest baking books

Mix and match cakes. The new way to bake!: 11 Dough + 25 Fillings + 9 Creams =. 100 Creative cakes!
16,99 €

Emoji JAWS: Baked Emoji for every mood
9,99 €

Includes recipes for Cupcakes, Macarons, 3D cake, Motif cakes etc..

The cheek of varieties of Apple. Recipes for Elstar, Goldparmäne and many more. 24, 99 €

A very good idea for a baking book. I'm missing a cheek of varieties of Apple truly still in the Bookshelf!

Baking books trends

Baked cookies & raw: Cookie dough – the new trend!
12,95 €

Baking without sugar: Eat yourself healthy!
7,99 €

Cake meets vegetable: Sweet treats at random
14,99 €

This is definitely on my to-do list: Muffins bake with vegetables!

Baking books for children

Vegan baking with kids and cats: The Mickey&Molly cheek
18,80 €

The drawings look very cute!

Mommy, Alvin please! Back. Time. Something. – A cheek time for small artists and creative gourmet!
11, 99 €

The little Prince. My cookie-baking book.
7,99 €

Who wants to be child back there?



This post contains affiliate links, What does mean, I get a small Commission, should you click on the link and buy one of the books.



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