5 Things, that I can't live without when baking

5 Dinge, ohne die ich nicht leben kann


There are a few things, you constantly need that and you don't want to miss that.

Here's my top 5 Things, I could live without baking:

1. Digital kitchen scales
You can always use such a scale. This is even scales and measuring cups in one.
2. Vanilla beans extract
Somewhat expensive to purchase, You can use felt infinite time it. So a bottle is really very economical! I think, I got my about 2 Years purchased. And zehre still working!
3. Hand mixer
In addition to my kitchen aid I use more often the hand mixer. Often to make topping thus fast times or so.
4. Injection nozzle
The spray nozzle may have an unusual design at a glance, served their purpose but excellent – Anyway, in the large version. The small not so good work for me for some unknown reason.
5. Flour sifter
After I now have several times blew the topping for the cupcakes, because chunks in the icing sugar, my back inventory is now also a flour sifter. Definitely better than to work with sieve and spoon!




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